LOUISE JUUL is a Danish singer-songwriter. She is originally from Juelsminde but now lives in Aarhus – Denmark. LOUISE JUUL has performed by herself and with her talented musicians more than 300 times in Denmark and abroad. She has done the support-gig for Roxette, VIP-concerts for U2, Bon Jovi & Bruce Springsteen and Dolly Parton as well as she has sung with Nephew in relation to concerts held at Forum Horsens. LOUISE JUUL has lived in the United States for 3 years and she is greatly inspired by the American Singer-songwriter culture. Her inspiration comes from listening to artists such as Eva Cassidy, Simon & Garfunkel, Jewel and Cheryl Crow – Eva Cassidy being her favorite artist, which is also why she performs with shows of hers in churces and at other venues. For more information – click here

Louise has released 3 albums and will be releasing her 4th one February, 2019. This will be her first album with Danish lyrics. LOUISE JUUL’s songs have been picked up by the Danish radios: P4 and P5 and you can always call in and ask for them to get played. In this way you will help her along the way in a very hard business.

LOUISE JUULs songs can all be found on the streaming service of your choice.

• Born December 29, 1977.
• From Juelsminde.
• Living in Aarhus.
• Lived 2,5 years in New Mexico.
• In 2010 at a co-writing stay in House of Songs, Austin – Texas.
• Greatly inspired by her love for theatre & satire and acts herself.
• Loves more than anything to perform on a stage.


• 2006: I Love You (EP)
• 2007: Let Me Grow (Album)
• 2012: Austin (Album)
• August 2018: Bare os to (Single)
• Oktober 2018: Før det er for sent (Single)
• February 2019: Rebekkavej (Album)


”Music has always been a big part of my life. I started singing when I was fairly young and at the age of 14, I picked up the guitar and began songwriting. Music has become a way for me to express myself – a therapeutic tool, a gift, a challenge, a love to a friend that I cannot forget.

I hope you will listen my songs, and if you can relate some of them to your own life in any way, then my mission has been accomplished.

I’ve enjoyed writing them and I am grateful that I can share them with you…”